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Fungi Talk a Captivating Success

Percy Wong from the Sydney Fungal Studies group delivered a fascinating insight on the mysterious world of fungi to the Blue Mountains Bushcare Network.

He spoke to a packed room (68 people attending) at Lawson Community Centre on Thursday night, April 10.

Percy kept the keen volunteers eagerly awaiting the next fungi fact, and showed how tightly woven they are in almost every aspect of the natural world.

The slides were brilliant and showed fungi from the most delicately beautiful to the most disgustingly horrid.

Afterwards supper was provided by Council Bushcare Staff and Percy was kept busy identifying the numerous specimens many people had brought in.

If you would like to learn more about fungi, you can get in touch with the Sydney Fungal Studies Group at the address below.

They often run their "Fungal Forays" in the Blue Mountains. Perhaps next year we can organize a field trip and workshop!

Sydney Fungal Studies Group
Mr Don Gover, (Secretary)
5 Dawes Street
Little Bay
NSW 2036

Phone: 9661-4898
Email: djgover@bigpond.com

Get in touch for application form and program of events.

 The crowd before the talk.
The crowd before the talk

 Percy pointing out some fungi facts.
Percy pointing out some fungi facts.

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