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Weave Your Weeds

Putting weeds to good use.

Have you ever wished you could use those mountains of feral plants for something better than landfill? Well you can!

 Weed weavers at work  L to R: Les, Anne, Pat, Neil
Weed weavers at work L to R: Les, Anne, Pat, Neil

Weaving baskets with weeds

A group of keen weavers and weeders participated in a two day 'Weaving with Weeds' workshop in Katoomba on the weekend of October 23rd and 24th, 2004. Organised by Rosemary Brister from the Friends of Katoomba Falls Creek Valley and taught by Virginia Kaiser from the Southern Highlands, it was attended by nine locals, many of whom are volunteer bush carers.

 I'm checking my basket with Virginia's work
I'm checking my basket with Virginia's work.

Virginia taught us some techniques used in basketry and we made woven and coiled baskets. The weeds that can be used in basketry include many found in our local area:

  • vines such as ivy, jasmine, honeysuckle, morning glory should be stripped of leaves, coiled, and hung to dry in a shady, dry, airy place. Soak before using.
  • soft plants, such as montbretia, japanese knot weed, red hot pokers and lavender (yes, it can be weedy!) can be dried on newspaper or tied and hung in bundles.
  • plants to use green include date palm fruit stalks (attention weeders of Blaxland!), pine needles, and leaf stalks of jacaranda (another favourite garden plant which has begun to invade bushland).

 Neil is delighted with his finished work
Neil is delighted with his finished work.

The workshop was much enjoyed by all, and we have many new plans about what will happen to the weeds that we remove on our bushcare days!

Lesley Sammon
Katoomba Falls Creek Valley Bushcare Group
Photos Rosemary Brister

 Teacher Virginia Kaiser
Teacher Virginia Kaiser - notice what's in her basket! If you haven't got your copy yet, email us now.

Contact Rosemary on 4782 1418 for more information. If there is enough interest, another workshop may be organised next year.